no one tells you that life can be cruel. unforgiving, harsh, and devastating. “just believe–it’ll all be okay!” they say, “your worst fears won’t come true they almost never do” but, what happens when they do? what then? when your world comes crashing down and you’re left alone to pick up the pieces that’s my […]


Home (where is it?) home always feels like a person when there is no one around, home feels like a place where you belong where “to be” is neither difficult nor a burden home is a place whose lonely streets welcome you whose buildings seem to say “there you are” home is not always where […]


Serendipity: A happy accident When I close my eyes and make a wish I wish I wish For someone like you I hold my breath The way I would hold A baby bird New and tender Fragile and vulnerable For in my breath is my dream: The wish my heart makes In clenching the shape […]


death begets life life begets death love becomes loss loss becomes love night turns to day dusk turns to dawn hope births despair despair births hope grief gives turn to joy joy submits to grief beginnings morph to ends and endings bring new beginnings the circle of life goes on and we are along for […]

Dark Shadows

You put a dark shadow over everything i do every happy thing every good experience is eclipsed by the fact that you’re not here Will I feel love again? Yes, and yes again. With certainty I will. I will love and I will be loved with the force of Irish winds and the weight of […]

San Francisco Fog

the grey mist I missed the way you kissed cold bite I fight the loss of delight a warm hug the sunlight and a hot tea mug the city smiles and I stop to revile and hide for a while banks of fog tumble through I am not just a cog.

A Love Lost

I remember you I remember the shape of your face And how it felt in between my hands I remember your touch I remember your laugh And the way it made my heart sing I remember your eyes I remember your fingers And their light brush across my body I remember your love And the […]